Recurrent, a Three Person Show at ArtUp Gallery, Margaretville, Opening June 7th, 2024

Curated "Pull~Push" Show at, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, opening June 6th, 2024

Curated "Necessity, a Mother" Show at in May 2024

In group show at BirdCage gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in February 2024

In group show at Hudson Guild Gallery 75th Anniversary Show through January 30, 2024

Curated "Nidus - Distraught Earth" Show Opening Thursday, September 14th, 6-8pm at

One Day Summer Show Wednesday July 26th, 2023, 7:30pm with Bryan J Corley (Detroit) and Tom Fitzgibbon (Brooklyn) at

Curated "The Portrait Show" group show at opening Thursday May 18th, 6-8pm - Through June 6th

Curated "All Fools Show" group show at opening Thursday April 6th, 6-8pm

Oblong Number 8 - 2024 20x16 wood, stainless steel, acrylic, led light

For What It's Worth 2023 16x20 acrylic on canvas

Joe Flow Montauk 2022 24x18 acrylic on canvas, led light

Blurry 2024 18x14 Wood, steel, acrylic, leds, cpu

Work available at James Fuentes Gallery - On-line show for COLAB STORE -

Work currently shown at Diamond Hollow Books in Andes, NY and Spoonbill Books in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Review by Ron Schira

Opened new gallery for local artists, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC 2022

"Rain in Magnolia" 2022, 4ft x 23ft public art piece installed in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Rain in Magnolia 2022 5x23ft

Diamond Hollow Books 2021 24x24 wood, copper, wire, leds, cpu - Private Collection
Heron 2020 36x18
Diamundi 2019 16x16 - Private Collection
The Irregular Heart 2019 24x18
Detail of Dance, Dance, Dance 2020 110" x 72" LED lights, computers, wire, wood, acrylic - Public art work in Chelsea, NYC
Detail of Animal Farm 2018 16x16 - Private Collection - Private Collection
Detail of Wright 2017 16x16